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We  received  very  positive  feedback  on  the  previous Newsletter and continue discussing inertial losses, now in on-water rowing.
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Csaba Győrösi, a rower from Külker Rowing Club in Budapest, Hungary asked: "I have hand-made slides for a Concept 2 ergometer weighing almost 20 kg. Do you think this extra weight will affect my rowing technique?”.
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Wilson  Reeberg,  president  of  the  Brazilian Rowing  Federation  asked:  "I  plan  to  send  to  the Worlds Championships only crews with possibilities to classify among the top twelve. Do you have a table with the times to classify a boat among 7th  and 12th (Final  B)  for  seniors,  juniors  and  U23,  men  and women? What percentage should I add to prognostic times of WC winners to have a real chance to stay among the best 12 crews?”
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We have received a number of questions of the following  sense:  "What  is  the  difference  between measurements of the force at the oar handle and at the gate or pin? Which method is the most accurate?”.
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Telemetry  system  BioRowTel  v.4  was  successfully used during FISA women’s’ development camp in Seville on 11-13 February. 24 athletes from Sweden, Norway, Estonia, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan and Puerto-Rico were tested in doubles and pairs and received information about the main characteristics of their rowing technique.
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We have received quite massive positive feedback on our rigging configurator, which you can find at Here we answer the most common questions, which we have received about the configurator.

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