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2006 Cabrera D., Ruina A., Kleshnev V. Simple 1+ Dimensional Model of Rowing Mimics Observed Forces and Motions. Human Movement Science. 2(25), 192-220.
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2005 Comparison of on-water rowing with its simulation on Concept2 and Rowperfect machines. Scientific proceedings. XXII International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports, Beijing. Pp 130-133.

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2004 Technology for Technique improvement. in: Nolte V. (ed.) Rowing Faster. Human Kinetics, p. 209-228
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For the first time I came across rowing biomechanics  when I was a junior rower in 70-ties. A small man with big suitcase arrived to our training camp. He spent half a day with our boat and then we rowed with a thick cable, which hanged from a big fishing rod installed on the speedboat. I was shocked when I saw my force curve for the first time in my life and when the man explained to me my good points and mistakes. It is hard to say what was the reason, but we won FISA world junior championship that year.
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Location of the points of force application to the oar in rowing is interesting because it defines an actual gearing ratio, which is very important for both training and racing. The force is applied to the oar at three points: the handle, gate and blade. While location of the gate force is quite obvious (at the projection of the center of the pin), location of two other forces may vary for the following reasons:...
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2002  Moving the rowers: biomechanical background. Australian Rowing, Carine, W.A. 25(1), May 2002, 16-19

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2001 Racing strategy in rowing during Sydney Olympic Games. Australian Rowing, Carine, W.A. 24(1), Apr 2001, 20-23.

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2001 Stroke rate vs. distance in rowing during the Sydney Olympics. Australian Rowing, Carine, W.A. 24(2), Sept 2001, 18-22.

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2000 Power in rowing. In, Hong, Y. (ed.), Proceedings of XVIII International symposium on biomechanics in sports, Hong Kong, Department of Sports Science and Physical Education. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, p.662-666.

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1999 Recent rowing biomechanics developments - presentation notes. In, FISA coaches conference, Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra
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