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 Main » 2011 » April » 24 » The latest Newsletter: can shorter rowers really benefit from using shorter oars?
The latest Newsletter: can shorter rowers really benefit from using shorter oars?

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Dear Graham,
Thanks for your positive feedback and question.
The inboard is measured form the collar everywhere in articles and the Rigging Chart.

Hello. I am pleased to see you have done the calcualtions and trials relating to optimal rigging for different height rowers. I have for a number of years believed that many shorter rowers may have benefitted from more 'scaled down' rigging than the minor adjustments that are usually made. I had a rigger made for my single that allowed a spread down to 152 so that I could play around. Instead of doing the maths and trials as you have done I simply scaled all dimentions down proportionately using a typical average rigging and height for an international oarsman. This led me to a rig that that was too heavily geared at 154 spread, 87 inboard from pin and 275 oar. I was on track with my ideas but off target with the right set up. I am keen to use your figures in my own boat but setting up the juniors I coach will be a different story because the amount of adjustment in the rigging of our club boats will not allow for such changes.
The main reson I am writing is that I want to know in this instance if you have used inboard from the pins or the oar collars?
Well done for the great work you have been doing.

Graham Watt

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