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How  can  an  athlete  minimize  losses  caused  by asymmetry in sculling?
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Ralph Earle, President of the Honololu Rowing Club, HI, US is asking: "In the January 2011 Newsletter you derive drag factors for ergs to match the perceived feel of various boat types on the water. That suggests that the OTW (on the water) equivalent DFs are dependent on boat speed, so I am writing to ask: Do you have formulae which take that into account?
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Last year GPS data on boat speed and stroke rate became available from FISA website The data for the World Cups and Championship regattas is presented in 50m splits. To check the accuracy of the data, we have derived an average speed over the whole race using GPS data and compared it with the speed obtained from official results.

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Recently, we have conducted a study with the following hypothesis: can shorter rowers really benefit from using shorter oars?

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We test your technique in any boat, at both training and race environment, with various level of complexity. Quick response time (usually within hours), accurate analysis, various forms of feedback makes it very powerful tool for achieving effective rowing technique.

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Rowing  Biomechanics  Newsletter  celebrates  its 10th birthday! Thanks to all readers for their interest and positive feedback!


There was a discussion among rowing coaches and scientists about lift force at the seat: does it really lift the whole rower-boat system and decreases water displacement; or  is  it  just  transfer  of  weight  from  the  seat  onto  the stretcher?

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Often we receive questions from coaches with the following sense: "How should I change rigging to make rowing angles the same in my crew, if the rowers have different height and physique?”

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There were discussions on rowing  forums about setting the drag factor (DF) on ergs and about differ- ences and similarities of a new Concept2 Dynamic erg (DIR) with its static and on-slides analogies.

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Did you know that…          ...skiing is an excellent aerobic exercise that is often used by rowers as a cross training activity during the winter? Thanks to Concept2 Skierg this exercise is available  indoor  during  all  weather  conditions.

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The results of the recent World championships in Karapiro, New Zealand (see Appendix 1 below) show that the leaders, Great Britain have made their position stronger: last  year they won six medals in Olympic events, one of them gold, but this year they won nine medals, four of them were gold. The Brits definitely intended to smash their opposition during their home Olympics-2012.

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