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With the purpose of finding an objective evaluation of rowing style, the legs-trunk factor LTF was developed in a previous Newsletter. It was defined as the ratio of the seat and handle movements during the first one fifth of the drive length. LTF indicates coordination of the two biggest body segments: the legs and trunk, during the beginning of the drive. This is very important for the dynamics of the drive and rowing effectiveness. 

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In the last newsletter, the Catch Timing Factor CTF was identified and now an indicator of leg and trunk coordination during the beginning of the drive will be defined, which is related to rowing style (RBN 2006/03).


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Digital indicators of the catch technique will be defined here, which would help to evaluate it clearer, more accurately and reliably. 

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Recently, some articles were published advocating deeper placement of the blade during the drive. The main argument for this was a higher blade efficiency due to less slippage, and at negligible extra drag on the shaft, because “the oar pivot (an imaginary stationary point – the centre of oar rotation) is located far inside from the blade, so the velocity of the shaft movement though  the  water  is  not  high”.  Is  this  really  true though?

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The speed and results in rowing depend on the rower’s power, which is product of three components only: stroke rate, length and force. Everyone knows that rowing is faster at a higher rate with a longer stroke, whilst applying more force. Development of rowing electronics allowed us easy and reliable feedback on the stroke rate. Now it is a good time to take under control the stroke length, which is defined by the furthest handle positions and directly correspond to oar angles at the catch and finish.

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Gearing ratio and boat speed; how to measure the actual gearing, and how to find its optimal value?

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How to work with oar inertia forces for more efficient stroke.

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The founder of BioRow™ Ltd. consulting company Dr. Valery Kleshnev has had more than 25 years experience of working with the world’s rowers, a dozen Olympic champions among them, and more than 40 world championship medallists. Biomechanical information of the world’s best rowers and many other crews is continuously accumulating and is regularly analysed, which allows obtaining new knowledge on effective technique. This knowledge has helped many rowers to improve their technique and performance. Now this vast experience and knowledge becomes available for every rower and coach, who wants to understand rowing Biomechanics better and make their technique more effective. 

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Four singles of different brands were recently tested in an indoor tank (600m long, 16m wide, 7m depth, constant temperature +16oC) at Krylov State Research Centre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.The boats were:

  • Empacher (X10 A115, 2013, 85-100kg);
  • Filippi (F14, 2011, 80-95kg);
  • Wintech (Medalist, 2014, 75-85kg);
  • Nowing (local boat builder, 2014, 75-85kg).
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How important the synchronization of the crew for the best result.

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